What Are The Worst Hosting Companies?

This time, what are the companies that you should watch out for? Which web hosting company should you not trust to take care of your website properly? Just like there are the best web hosting services, there are also the worst web hosting services out there. So, here’s a small list of a few websites or companies that you should maybe not consider hiring. If you’re interested in this topic, then keep reading to find out why these companies are considered not to be doing well when it comes to web hosting at all.

Every person always has different needs, even when it comes to choosing which web hosting service you’ll hire and trust your website with. NameSilo has cheap domain services that many love to use, but when it comes to web hosting, it may definitely be a different story. Some reviews also claim that the support you’re able to get from this website doesn’t help either. They say that the people who you ask for help will not even help with your problem and will always claim that they were right. But of course, this is just from certain reviews by people who might have a very experienced compared to yours.

GoDaddy (PRNewsFoto/GoDaddy)

GoDaddy definitely does have a lot of downtimes if you go ahead and use their services. Although the more expensive plans were just pretty decent, I’m sure that the cheaper paid plans won’t help your case at all. Some reviews also claim that if you decide to use the economy plan on their website, you’re sure to encounter many troubles and issues. But compared to NameSilo, GoDaddy definitely does have a better support system for their customers. The last thing I’ll say about GoDaddy is that people have also been saying this is a scam.

A person came across GoDaddy and has seen that it was actually on auction for 90 days. But when 90 days came, the website renewed again, saying that the auction will end in 90 days. It’s up to you if you think you could still trust GoDaddy after hearing that.

These two web hosting companies are two of many other companies that you should think about first clearly before hiring them. But you never really know until you try, but I definitely do recommend going for a different web hosting services since I’m not sure if you should trust either of these to manage your website, especially if your website is the place where you mainly earn money from.… Continue..